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Donington Park Rounds 4, 5 and 6

Hi all, 

Saturday was a difficult today for all the Fords, in a similar fashion to Brands Hatch. We just don't have the speed on Saturday and this is really hurting our chances for three consistent results at the sharp end on Sunday. The balance of the car feels better and better, the issue we believe, is down to the outright straight-line speed of our engine with its current boost level. Nevertheless, we are where we are and as a result starting from the back has created a good low pressure situation for me to try to showcase how I can make my way through the grid. 

The first race did not begin well as I lost the back end into Redgate on the first lap. Getting away last, I made my way up to 19th through a number of overtakes and jumping cars that had crashed out. This set me a decent position for race two which was a real positive. However, I was excluded just before race two due to a yellow flag infringement which was gutting! Race two was my best performance so far. I felt in a good rhythm and was able to deal with cars quickly, going from 32nd and reaching as high as 15th place. I feel this shows a glimmer of what I am capable of. Now I am getting more settled in my racecraft, I hope to move further and further up the field towards the top ten. Again the pace was there all of Sunday so we do have a decent race car underneath us. 

I finished 16th after some contact, just outside the points and another Jack Sears Trophy win. I am improving all the time and I think that if we can sort car and driver performance out on Saturday, I think we can really start to turn a few heads.