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Brands Hatch Rounds 1, 2 and 3

Saturday proved a fulfilling personal performance but frustration that the Fords all seemed to struggle for outright pace. In qualifying, we were caught out by the rain and red flags, however, I was reasonably happy with P17, just behind my teammate Mat Jackson. 

Race 1 proved an incredibly intense battle after a very poor start from me. I spun the wheels up on the line which meant I was on the back foot immediately. However, I was pleased to battle back to 19th and even happier to have put in a lap time strong enough for 7th place, with my pace putting me well inside the top 10. 

Race 2 saw a better start but contact from Ant Whorton-Eales ended my race with broken steering. Race 3, frustratingly, began with my worst start which saw me fall back to last. However, I was pleased to fight back to 17th to lead the Jack Sears Trophy before falling back after contact from Jeff Smith. It seems to be the small things that let me down this weekend which will all come with experience and time in the car. We had the pace in the car; it was mainly the starts held me back this weekend but that technique will come with time. 

We just missed out on a Jack Sears Trophy win in the last race which was frustrating, as I was pushed off the line. So we were nearly there and its fired me up for Donington and I think with a stronger qualifying performance we should be on for some better results.